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We do not limit ourselves to the mere processing of payslips, but thanks to the support of Labor Consultants and Labor Lawyers with twenty years of experience we assist our clients for:


  • the preparation of employment contracts;

  • the management of the correct classification of the company for contributory purposes;

  • technical advice on issues relating to employment relationships in the event of disputes ;

  • assistance in extraordinary corporate operations, such as: generational transfers, staff reduction, reconversion and reorganization;

  • the preparation of the personnel budget for both annual forecasts and for new business initiatives,

  • management of business trips and secondments, also internationally.


Simple payroll management

We help you to overcome the complexities and risks associated with the implementation, organization and provision of services for the management of your employees' payrolls, whether they are very simple or very complicated, with the inclusion of benefits, incentive plans, of stock options or RSU.



Thanks to the support of qualified Labor Consultants, you can be sure of an accurate result and dedicated advice.

Standardized and "massive" processing can keep costs down, but the accuracy of the result is often questionable.



We support the growth of your business in new markets, while managing new complexities, with flexible and adaptable solutions to the growth of your business and the number of its employees.

But the quality of our support will never be compromised, whether it's a small craftsman with just one employee, or a multinational with hundreds of employees.


Decision support

Benefit from a single point of contact on your workforce for critical analysis and reporting to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Thanks to an accurate personnel cost budget you can make strategic and operational decisions on human resources.


Security in Cloud

Your employees' data are safe with us thanks to technological solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Thanks to our cloud platform, your company will have data available 24/7 as well as your employees thanks to the dedicated app.



We process monthly pay slips on the basis of a timeline established in advance with the customer: your employees will always receive the pay slip on the same day of the month and you will receive all statements to make payments and accounting entries.

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